Government Finance Officers Association, by Stephen Lisauskas

For over a century, the Government Finance Officers Association has improved how governments function by teaching public officials how to improve their skills and maximize their productivity. Through education, training, and networking, professionals learn ways to improve financial management and implement effective financial policies. To achieve its goals, the Government Finance Officers Association provides members with numerous resources. Recognized internationally for its expertise in public financial management, and the Association suggests policies and best practices for governments of every level in the United States and Canada. Along with promoting ethical and legal standards for those in public service, the Association offers leadership development programs that concentrate on management and technology. The Government Finance Officers Association also runs awareness campaigns to inform the public about the value of strong financial planning and the importance of fiscal policies. About the Author: A Senior Associate with the Edward J. Collins Center for Public Management at the University of Massachusetts Boston, Stephen Lisauskas has spent much of his career in government. While serving as Executive Director of the Springfield Finance Control Board, Lisauskas earned two Distinguished Budget Awards from the Government Finance Officers Association.


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