Maxwell School of Syracuse University Offers Unique Interdisciplinary Learning Environment

Stephen Lisauskas, a senior associate at the Edward J. Collins Center for Public Management, attended Maxwell School of Syracuse University, the nation’s top graduate school in public affairs. The Maxwell School’s master’s in public administration (MPA) program is consistently ranked number one by U.S. News & World Report. For Stephen Lisauskas, who earned the School’s prestigious Master’s Prize, his MPA from the Maxwell School helped launch a successful career in public administration and government consulting.

The Maxwell School holds distinction as the only public affairs program that also offers degrees in public administration, international relations (IR), and in the social sciences. In addition to its top-ranked MPA program, the Maxwell School’s IR program earned ranking in the nation’s top ten by Foreign Policy magazine. Maxwell also offers MA and PhD programs in the social sciences, along with undergraduate social science instruction.

The Maxwell School’s breadth and academic rigor attract top faculty with a wide range of interests, from pure scholarship to applied studies. The school nurtures interdisciplinary research through 10 centers and institutes focused on different aspects of public affairs.


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