Stephen Lisauskas: The Unique Jujitsu Practices of the International Seirenkai Organization

International Seirenkai Organization pic
International Seirenkai Organization

A fifth-degree black belt, municipal finance expert Stephen Lisauskas serves as a founding member of the Board of Directors of the International Seirenkai Organization, or ISO. Founded in 2008, the Connecticut-based organization works to advance several martial arts traditions of karate, jujitsu, and kobudo, which focuses on the skillful use of Okinawan weapons. Through all of its practices, the ISO seeks to improve the physical health of its members while promoting self-confidence, leadership, and responsibility, as well as respect for others.

While many organizations teach competitive jujitsu, a traditional Japanese martial art, the ISO has developed its own unique form called Seirenkai Jujitsu. Unlike other approaches to the art, Seirenkai Jujitsu is wholly practical in its philosophy and design, and its sole goal is self-defense. As a result, the form focuses on a variety of defensive maneuvers, including throws, grappling, and pressure point techniques. Practitioners also master strikes, punches, kicks, and blocks.


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