Distinguished Budget Presentation Awards for Public Finance Officials

Distinguished Budget Presentation Award pic
Distinguished Budget Presentation Award
Image: gfoa.org

In his work as an associate with University of Massachusetts’ Edward J. Collins Center for Public Management, Stephen Lisauskas works with municipalities in financial distress with a view to reforming municipal systems for maximum efficiency. For example, as executive director of the Springfield, Massachusetts Finance Control Board, Stephen Lisauskas increased energy efficiency of municipal buildings. While this program costs $1.1 million in debt service per year to maintain, it saves the government $1.17 million worth of wasted energy, a benefit set to increase as energy costs increase. His work on the Springfield Finance Board earned Mr. Lisauskas a Distinguished Budget Presentation Award.

Distinguished Budget Presentation Awards are presented by the Government Finance Officers Association, which includes American and Canadian public finance officials. Established in 1984, the awards aim at promoting and recognizing excellent public finance documents. In order to be eligible, budgets need to be available to the public either in hard-copy format or online. Winners of the award must have well-organized budgets that present both the financial and non-financial goals and also thoroughly explain the financing and budget schedule.


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