WasteZero Programs Lead to Cost Savings in Brewer, Maine

WasteZero pic
Image: wastezero.com

For more than five years, Stephen Lisauskas has served as a Senior Associate at the Edward J. Collins Center for Public Management at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Stephen Lisauskas balances this role with his responsibilities as the Vice President of Government Affairs and the Regional Vice President of Municipal Partnerships at WasteZero.

Committed to halving the amount of trash in America, WasteZero helps implement cutting-edge waste reduction programs in communities across the country, including the city of Brewer, Maine. WasteZero helped Brewer establish a pay-as-you-throw program in 2011 to decrease the amount of trash transported to a facility in another town.

Over the past five years, these programs have saved Brewer $370,000 by significantly increasing recycling rates and decreasing the tonnage of solid waste collected. Brewer reports that the WasteZero programs led to an almost six-fold increase in recycling rates and cut the amount of curbside waste collected by 50 percent. According to a representative from WasteZero, the programs are successful in part because they improve consumers’ awareness about the cost of trash.


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