The Collins Center Offers City Help with Capital Improvement Plan

WasteZero pic

With background in financial management and cost-saving solutions, Stephen Lisauskas serves as the Vice President of Government Affairs and the Regional Vice President of Municipal Partnerships at WasteZero. Stephen Lisauskas also leverages his experience in public administration to serve as a Senior Associate at the Edward J. Collins Center for Public Management at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

According to a recent news release, the Collins Center has partnered with the City of Marlborough to help the city identify and prioritize long-term initiatives that will advance a broad capital improvement plan. The partnership was formed after Marlborough received a $30,000 state grant through the Community Compact program to implement best practices and establish a multiyear capital improvement strategy.

Marlborough partnered with the Collins Center on the grant program because the center has experience helping municipalities develop planning initiatives and capital plans. In the early stages of the program, representatives from the Collins Center will work with city department heads to learn more about the City’s priorities and objectives, which will allow them to develop potential capital improvements. The capital improvement plan is expected to be completed by July of 2016.


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