About Stephen Lisauskas

Stephen LisauskasA seasoned municipal administrator, Stephen Lisauskas offers significant experience managing personnel and reforming government finances. Possessing an ability to identify and correct specific problems while maintaining a big-picture view, Mr. Lisauskas helps cities develop performance management strategies, streamline costs and expenditures, and adopt systems to improve delivery of services. Currently, Stephen Lisauskas contributes as an Associate at the Edward J. Collins, Jr., Center for Public Management at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

As a member of the Collins Center’s government consulting practice, Stephen Lisauskas works closely with a number of financially distressed cities. He examines and analyzes the finances, budgets, operations, and management of these municipal clients looking for revenue opportunities, cost savings and potential economies of scale, overlapping services, and other efficiency opportunities. After this comprehensive evaluation, Mr. Lisauskas recommends actions to reduce costs, enhance services, and improve the municipality’s fiscal outlook. Recently, his assessment led one of his clients to implement cost-reduction efforts that saved $2.3 million during his 3-month engagement.

Previously, Stephen Lisauskas led the financial and operational restructuring of the City of Springfield, Massachusetts, as the Executive Director of the Springfield Finance Control Board. In this role, Mr. Lisauskas acted as the Chief Executive Officer of a state-appointed board charged with restructuring finances and operations for a municipality with an approximately $650 million annual operating budget and 7,000 employees. This vast undertaking entailed reversal of a projected $41 million budget deficit through cutting costs, increasing employee productivity, reorganizing debt, and starting to address the City’s significant underfunded pension liability and capital investment backlog.

Stephen Lisauskas’ work as Executive Director spurred a turnaround that included a positive fund balance and upgrades of the city’s general obligation bond ratings from below investment-grade to A- by Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC and A2 by Moody’s Investors Service, Inc.

Stephen Lisauskas earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Syracuse University, graduating magna cum laude with additional honors. He later pursued a Master of Public Administration from the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. The Maxwell School presented Stephen Lisauskas with its Master’s Prize, and he has also been awarded two Distinguished Budget Awards from the Government Finance Officers Association, an E-Government Award with Distinction from Common Cause of Massachusetts, a Governor’s Citation for service to the Springfield Finance Control Board, an Extraordinary Service Citation from the City of Haverhill and a variety of other distinctions.


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