The Collins Center – GAP and Finance-Related Analytics Projects


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Edward J. Collins Center for Public Management

Having worked with a number of city governments, Stephen Lisauskas serves as the vice president of government affairs and the regional vice president of municipal partnerships at WasteZero. Stephen Lisauskas also helps cities improve their operations and financial management strategies as a senior associate with the Edward J. Collins Center for Public Management at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Through its Government Analytics Program (GAP), the Collins Center helps governments implement best practices by collecting and applying data during short-term and year-long projects. GAP conducts a number of finance-related analytics projects, including projects focused on budget document development and improvement. According to the Collins Center, the budget document is the most significant policy document a government maintains, so GAP enhances the budget document and updates the budget process based on best practices established by the Government Finance Officers Association.

GAP also develops capital improvement plans, multi-year plans that guide the purchase and maintenance of publicly owned assets. During these projects, GAP works closely with government officials to assess resources, prioritize projects, and evaluate different funding mechanisms.