“Pay as You Throw” Helps Save Brewer $370,000

WasteZero pic
Image: wastezero.com

A public administration professional, Stephen Lisauskas serves as vice president of government affairs at WasteZero. Stephen Lisauskas also oversees the company’s municipal partnerships division in northeast.

Recently, WasteZero shared an article published by the Bangor Daily News that highlighted the success of its “Pay as You Throw” program. Following five years of participation by the city of Brewer in Massachusetts, the local government reported a savings of $370,000. The achievement was a result of the waste reduction program as well as the city’s implementation of zero-sort recycling one year prior.

Local residents utilize bags offered through the “Pay as You Throw” program to fill with waste for curbside pickup. The result, as of 2016, was a drop in solid waste collection by half. In addition, a boost of 24 percent in recycling was recorded, which amounts to a 29 percent recycling rate. The waste reduction solutions have also improved city tax rates as an added benefit to local residents.